Our Girls!


Ch.Sensations Touched by an Angel (Della)

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Ch. Sensations Somethin 2 Talk’Bout (Gossip)

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Ch. Sensations Thanks to Sophie (Sofee)

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Ch. Sensations Jump to Jaydeez (Ruby)

Sire. Ch. Donald Oric Central(CZE)
Dam. Sensations Crimson “N Clover

Ruby is shown relaxing at the Monarch show where she took BB to complete her Championship.
She did this only 9 weeks after delivering a litter of 8 puppies. Her owner Denise Franche of Woodstock is thrilled.


Portadown’s Truly Phoebe (Phoebe)

Sire. Ch Donald Oric Central(CZE)
Dam.Ch. Canton’s Portadown

Phoebe trying to cool off after her group 2nd , BPIG win at Ontario County Show— and her first show.
We look forward to great things from both Phoebe and her litter sister Dyna.


Portadowns Dynamite (Dyna)

Ch. Donald Oric Central (CZE)
Ch. Canton’s Portadown

Phoebe’s full sister and a repeat of Ch.Sensation’s G.A. Elsie.
Owned by Irene Wessler, Sensation.


Ch Sensations G A Elsie

Sire: Ch Donald Oric Central (CZE)
Ch Canton's Portadown

Finished with Breed Wins


Ch Sensations Halle B

Sire: Ch Sensations Diamond In The Ruff
Dam: Sensations Crimson 'N Clover

Finished with Group Placements


Ch Sensations Songbird "Poppy"

Sire: Ch Kelpi's Sensation
Dam: Ch Sensations Wait For Me

Finished in two weekends with Breed wins.


Ch JayDeez Sensations "Dora"

Sire: Ch Sensations Diamond In The Ruff
Dam: JayDeez Utopian Dream

Finished with Breed wins.


Ch. Sensation’s Luck ‘O the Irish "Miss Clover"

Sire: Ch. Sensations Humphrey Bogart
Dam: Ch.Sensations Wills Fly ‘N Time

Finishing in grand style in only 3 shows!


Ch. Sensations Wills Fly 'N Time "Pixie"

Mini Schnauzer champion in Canadian history!

We are very proud of this first and would like to thank all the enlightened Judges that bestowed this honour on "Pixie"

Pixie is now back happily living with the rest of the gang at Sensation.


Ch. Sensations Wait for Me "Zoom"

Sire: Ch. Donald Oric Central
Dam: Ch. Sensation's Wills Fly 'N Time. Multiple specialty winner.

Zoom completed her championship in short order, going WB BW for 3 points then BB for 2 points and BB,GR 3 BPIG BBEG for 4 points and finally BB to finish , all in a 2 month time frame and in only 3 shows. We thank all the knowledgeable judges  who commented on her superior structure and correct schnauzer movement. She is just her mother--in black. I am SO proud of her.


Ch Sensations Allregria "Peri"

Sire: Ch Sensations Time Will Fly
Dam: Ch Sensations Rebound



Ch Sensations Byme Somethin Pretty "Trinket"

Sire: Ch Donald Orik Central
Dam: Ch Cantons Kiko Sensation

Trinket completed her Championshi in short order with a Best Puppy in Show. Thank you judge Micheal Hill.


Ch Sensations Chase 'N Flies "Lucille"

Sire: Ch Sensations Cut To The Chase
Dam: Ch Marwyn's Time Flies



Ch Sensations Nu Paige For Oric Central "Paige"

Sire: Ch Sensations Buddy Boritz
Dam: Ch Sensations Taking Chances

Paige is remaining at Sensation after the tragic death of her owner to be.

She finished her Championship with two 3 point wins!


Ch Canton's Kiko Sensation "Kiko"

Sire: Ch Sterling Fellow for Canton
Dam: Ch Canton's Gone with The Wind

Full sister to Tate.



Ch Marwyn's Time Flies "Dash"

Am/Can Ch Sensations What Next
Ch. Marwin's Historical Sensation



Ch SensationsTaking Chances "Celine"

Sire: Ch Sensations Pale Ryder
Dam: Ch Sensations Hurri'N Wills Digit

Celine went Grp 2nd at her second show.



Ch Sensations Rebound "BeBe"

BB has a stunning new baby called Peri by Ch Sensation's Time Will Fly.

Ch & UKC Ch Sensations Hurri'N Preach "Maddie"

Sire: Ch Sensations Man In Black
Dam: Ch Sensations Hurcanerequizition

Maddie is now retired and living the high-life.

Ch Sensation's Somersault "Tumble"

Sire: Ch Sensations Man In Black
Dam: Ch Marwyn's Twist 'N Shout




Ch Sensations Hurri'N Wills Digit "Digit"

Sire: Ch Sensations Man In Black
Dam: Ch Sensations Hurcanerequizition




Ch Sensation's Oh Golly Gosh "Golly"

Watch for Golly's daughter 'Tilly'